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Carrer d'Aragó 284Bis, 1-2Der
Barcelona, CT, 08007

Estudio de Ashtanga Yoga tradicional, estilo Mysore, en Barcelona con Profesora Autorizada (Nivel 2) por el KPJAYI. Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Studio in Barcelona, headed by KPJAYI Authorized teacher (Level 2).

Schedule and Prices

See our yoga class schedule, the pass prices and offerings, as well as observed moon days for Barcelona Ashtanga.





  Moon Days

Moon Days

The Ashtanga practice is typically done first thing in the morning, when both the world and our minds are more still. This offers a perfect time for reflection, introspection, meditation, and sets the tone for the rest of our day. 

Traditionally, the Ashtanga method is practiced 6 days a week, with the exception of new and full moon days. In keeping with this custom, the studio will close on moon days and will have a reduced schedule for major holidays. 



The studio is only open during class hours. If you would like more information please contact us via email.

Morning Mysore

  • Sunday 9:30-12:30 (latest arrival time 11:00), opening Mantra 10:00.
  • Monday-Friday 6:30-10:30 (latest arrival time: 9:00), opening Mantra 7:00.

There are no “trial classes” for Morning Mysore, drop-ins only for students visiting from out of town. 

Interested students are welcome to schedule a time to observe a Mysore class.

Guided Classes (the last friday of every month)

  • 6:45-8:15 and 8:30-10:00 (Classes are taught with the traditional Sanskrit count and are therefore open only for students of the studio, or visitors to Barcelona with a dedicated Ashtanga practice, on time arrival required).

To read descriptions of Mysore and guided classes, please see Class Types in About Ashtanga.



We accept credit cards at the studio (Visa/MC)

  • Studio Registration Fee: 0€
  • Monthly Unlimited: 95€
  • 3 Month Unlimited: 265€
  • One Class Drop In: 15€ *
  • First Month Unlimited New Student Special: 75€ **

If you sign up for a monthly unlimited or 3 month unlimited pass within the first 5 days of the month you will receive a 5€, or 15€ discount (respectively) on your pass. No exceptions or extensions (does not apply to First Month Unlimited Mysore New Student Special).

Only applies to students with an existing Ashtanga Mysore practice visiting from out of town. If you plan to visit us for a few days a reduced rate may be arranged, please inquire on arrival at the studio.

** Only for students new to our studio.


Moon Days

It is an established part of the Ashtanga practice to rest every month on the days of the full and new moon. We honor the tradition as our teacher, and our teacher’s teacher, have passed them down to us, so there will be no class at the studio on these days.

Some people may ask: "why do we take moon days off?"

The eight limbs of the Ashtanga practice make up a holistic way of life that reconnects us with our inner self and the natural world. From this idea, the connection to the earth’s natural cycles organically flows. 

On the days of the full and new moon it is believed that our energy can swing from one extreme to another, and our bodies and minds may be sensitive to these fluctuations. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois used to say that practicing on these days could be detrimental to our learning process, and therefore always recommended for students take these days to rest from asana practice. 

Whether we believe that the cycles of the moon have an effect on us, when a student is practicing regularly, a day to rest and replenish may be considered a necessity, or a even a welcome luxury.


○ Full moon ● New moon

2018 Moon Days

○ TUE, JAN 3 ● SAT, MAR 17 ○ TUE, MAY 29 ● SAT, AUG 11 ○ WED, OCT 24
● WED, JAN 17 ○ SAT MAR 31 ● WED, JUN 13 ○ SUN, AUG 26 ● WED, NOV 7
○ WED, JAN 31 ● MON, APR 16 ○ THU, JUN 28 ● SUN, SEP 9 ○ FRI, NOV 23
● THU, FEB 15 ○ MON, APR 30 ● FRI, JUL 13 ○ TUE, SEP 25 ● FRI, DEC 7
○ FRI, MAR 2 ● TUE, MAY 15 ○ FRI, JUL 27 ● TUE, OCT 9 ○ SAT, DEC 22