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Carrer d'Aragó 284Bis, 1-2Der
Barcelona, CT, 08007

Estudio de Ashtanga Yoga tradicional, estilo Mysore, en Barcelona con Profesora Autorizada (Nivel 2) por el KPJAYI. Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Studio in Barcelona, headed by KPJAYI Authorized teacher (Level 2).

Copy of Studio Information

Location, Directions, and Information on the city for those visiting Barcelona Ashtanga Yoga Nilaya studio.

  Location and Directions

Location and Directions

  Barcelona Information

Barcelona Information

  Studio Etiquette

Studio Etiquette

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, “nilaya” is usually translated as “house”. It is on the front plaque of the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI) in Mysore, India, and one reason why we thought of using it in the name of the studio. 

But nilaya is not just a nod to the home of Ashtanga Yoga in Mysore. At Barcelona Ashtanga, we want students to find a space that is welcoming, inclusive, and nurturing for their yoga practice. It should be be a place where you can explore and develop the many facets that encompass the eight limbed path of yoga. 

When you walk into Barcelona Ashtanga we welcome you to your yoga home in the heart of Barcelona. 


Location and Directions

Carrer d'Arágo 284Bis (Next to El Fornet)
1st Floor-2nd Door on Right (1°-2ª Der.)
Barcelona 08007



Barcelona Information

Barcelona Ashtanga is located in the heart of the Dreta de l’Eixample district of the city. Our location on one of the city’s major arteries, Carrer d’Arago, is half a block from multiple metro lines at Passeig de Gracia (L2, purple; L3, green; L4, yellow) and the many bus lines that serve Carrer Pau Claris (39, B24, V17, 45, N7). We are also steps from a number of sights, restaurants, hotels, and stores.

To facilitate the travel experience for those who may be visiting from out of town, we have compiled a list of the closest neighborhoods, attractions, and restaurants. This is not an exhaustive list, just a starting point. We recommend you check with your travel agent, and the many online reservation pages for nearby options.

Where to Stay:

As a large tourism destination, Barcelona offers a range of accommodation options from luxury 5 star hotels, to youth hostels, and private rentals through Air BnB. 

The closest neighborhoods to the studio are: The Eixample, The Born, The Gothic, The Raval, and Gracia. Each neighborhood has a distinct personality and style. Architecture, type of shops, and neighborhood “feel” vary from location to location.


For more information on sights and things to do go to: or

Restaurants (all Vegetarian and Vegan friendly, varying prices):

For more options go to:


Studio Etiquette

  • Please leave shoes, coats, and umbrellas in the entryway. You may bring personal items like bags and purses in with you to the changing rooms.

  • Please try to maintain silence, especially in the practice room. Keep your speaking voice low in all areas of the studio as this space should be a sanctuary where you can breathe and let go of external noise.

  • Phones should be placed on “silent” mode or completely turned off. Speaking on phones is not allowed anywhere in the studio, other than in case of emergency.

  • We are all breathing the same air in close quarters. Please be sensitive of others by not applying any perfumes or lotions prior to coming to practice.

  • Cleanliness is appreciated by everyone. Wear clean clothes and try to shower before class, if possible. Please wipe down your mat after use and take home towels and rugs to wash regularly.

  • No eating in the studio.*

  • No water is allowed in the practice room.** 

*We recommend that you come to practice on an empty stomach. 

** Please note that you should be well hydrated BEFORE class. We recommend having one or two big glasses of warm or room temperature water at least one hour before coming to the studio. Do not drink any liquids during practice as this will put out the internal heat you are trying to build (it also just does not feel good to have water moving around as you are twisting and folding your body). Additionally, you should try to wait about 20 minutes after you finish practice before rehydrating.